Ripped Burn


Ingredients per serving 2 cps %NRV
Yerba Mate e.s (Ilex Paraguanensis, folium) 300mg
Inositol 200mg
Choline (Bitartrate) 200mg
Caffeine (total) 200mg
Coleus Forskohlii e.s (30% Forskolin) (Plectranthus Barbatus, radix) 150mg
Garcinia Cambogia e.s (40% HCA) fructs 100mg
Black Tea (Camellia Sinensis, folium) 100mg
Rhodiola Rosea e.s (2% Rosavin) (Rhodiola Rosea, radix) 100mg
Green Tea e.s (Camellia Sinensis, folium) 80mg
Capsicum Annum Fructus e.s 50mg
Green Coffee bean e.s (Coffea Arabica, semen) 25mg
Wakame e.s (30% Fucoxanthin) (Undaria Pinnatifida, thallus) 20mg
Piper Nigrum fructus e.s (95% Piperin) 4mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hcl) 1,4mg (100%*)
Folic Acid 200μg (50%*)
Other Ingredients: stabilizers (E953, E470b, E551), vegan capsule (E1204)
*NRV: nutritional reference value


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Ripped Burn

Ripped Burn is a supplement designed to promote weight loss and slimming through a series of targeted actions on metabolism and appetite. Formulated to increase fat metabolism, reduce the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, promote the elimination of excess fluids, and decrease appetite, Ripped Burn presents itself as a comprehensive solution for those seeking to achieve their weight loss goals effectively.

Benefits of Ripped Burn:

  • Increased fat metabolism: Ripped Burn is designed to increase fat metabolism, helping the body burn more calories and use fat stores as an energy source.
  • Reduction in fat and carbohydrate absorption: This supplement helps reduce the absorption of fats and carbohydrates during digestion, thereby limiting the accumulation of body fat.
  • Elimination of excess fluids: Ripped Burn promotes the elimination of excess fluids, reducing bloating and improving muscle definition.
  • Increased caloric expenditure: Thanks to its formulation, Ripped Burn increases caloric expenditure, contributing to greater weight loss and increased energy.
  • Appetite reduction: This supplement helps reduce appetite, making it easier to control portions and maintain a balanced diet.
  • Gluten and lactose-free: Ripped Burn is free from gluten and lactose, making it suitable for those who follow a diet without these components.

Recommended Use

High caffeine content, 200mg per serving.

1 serving before breakfast and 1 before lunch.


  •  For adults only and does not replace a varied balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
  •  Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  • Do not use it during breastfeeding, pregnancy periods without consulting the doctor.
  •  Store the product in a cool, dry place in a well sealed package out of reach for children under 3 years.
  • May contain traces of milk, oat, egg, soy.

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