Soy Protein Isolate


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Soy Protein

Soy protein isolate is a protein concentrate extracted from soybeans, known for its richness in nutrients and its versatility in dietary supplementation. This protein extract is obtained through a process that removes most of the non-protein components of soybeans, such as fiber and carbohydrates, leaving a highly concentrated powder of proteins. This article will explore the health and nutritional benefits of soy protein isolate.

Product Benefits:

  • Complete Protein Source: Soy protein isolate provides all the essential amino acids necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. Being a complete protein, it can be an ideal option for those following vegetarian or vegan diets.
  • Rich in Nutrients: In addition to proteins, soy protein isolate is a significant source of other essential nutrients, such as iron and calcium. These nutrients are crucial for bone health, blood formation, and many other vital functions of the body.
  • Heart Health Benefits: Recent studies suggest that including soy proteins in the diet may help reduce the risk of heart disease. Soy protein isolate contains beneficial compounds, such as isoflavones, which can promote heart health through various mechanisms, including reducing levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood.
  • Weight Management: With its high protein concentration and low amount of fats and carbohydrates, soy protein isolate can be a valuable ally in weight management. Proteins can help maintain a feeling of fullness for longer, thereby reducing appetite and contributing to calorie control.
  • Environmental Sustainability: The production of soy protein isolate requires fewer resources compared to the production of animal proteins, thus helping to reduce the overall environmental impact of the diet.

Recommended Use

1-3 servings per day depending on individual needs and considering other sources of protein in the diet.


  •  Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  •  Recommended dose : 1-3 portions per day depending on needs and considering the other protein sources provided by the diet.
  •  Store the product in a cool, dry place in a well sealed package.
  • Contain soy.
  • May contain traces of oat, egg and milk.

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