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Maltodextrins are widely used supplements to ensure a rapid energy replenishment, thanks to their composition of simple sugars linked together that allow for quick assimilation in the body. They are particularly popular among athletes and those engaging in intense physical activities, offering a range of key benefits:

Benefits of maltodextrins:

  • Rapid energy replenishment: Maltodextrins provide an immediate source of energy during intense or prolonged physical exercise, helping to maintain optimal performance levels and prevent early fatigue.
  • Support for muscle recovery: After intense training, maltodextrin supplements can be used alongside proteins or other nutrients to promote muscle recovery, helping to replenish depleted glycogen reserves and promote tissue rebuilding.
  • Increased calorie intake: Maltodextrins are an effective way to increase daily calorie intake, making them useful for those with high energy needs or those looking to gain weight in a healthy and controlled manner.
  • Ease of consumption: Maltodextrin supplements are available in various forms, including powders and beverages, and can be easily incorporated into daily diet, allowing for convenient and practical consumption.
  • Versatility in use: Maltodextrins can be consumed alone or combined with other supplements or foods to fit the specific needs of each individual, offering flexibility in nutrition and supplementation approach.

With their ability to provide immediate energy and support muscle recovery, maltodextrins have become a popular option for athletes and active individuals looking to maximize their performance and promote rapid muscle regeneration.

Recommended Use

1 serving before and during workouts to support athletic performance. Directly after physical activity to restore muscle glycogen reserves


  •  For adults only and does not replace a varied balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
  •  Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  •  Do not use it during breastfeeding, pregnancy periods without consulting the doctor.
  •  Store the product in a cool, dry place in a well sealed package.
  • May contain traces of milk, oat, egg, soy.

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