Waterloss Fyto Slim


Ingredients per 6cps
Prickly Pear Cactus e.s/ extract (Opuntia Ficus-Indica-Cladodium, fructus) 1500mg
Dandelion e.s/ extract (200:1) Taraxacum Officinale, radix) 852mg
Raspberry e.s/ extract (Rubus Ideas, fructus) 690mg
Schizandra e.s/ extract (9% Schisandris) (Schisandra Chinensis, fructus) 510mg
Yerba Mate e.s/ extract (Ilex Paraguariensis, Folium) 372mg
Bearberry Leaf e.s/extract 276mg
Other Ingredients: vegan capsule (E1204), stabilizing agents (E953, E470b, E551)
*%NRV: daily nutrient reference value


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Waterloss Fyto Slim

Waterloss Fyto Slim is a supplement formulated to counteract fluid retention in the body through a blend of selected plant extracts. Designed to promote the drainage of excess fluids and support the body’s cleansing functions, Waterloss presents itself as a natural solution to enhance overall well-being and reduce bloating caused by water retention.

Product Benefits:

  • Drainage of excess fluids: Waterloss effectively targets the factors responsible for fluid retention in the body, facilitating the drainage of excess fluids and reducing bloating.
  • Support for cleansing functions: Thanks to its plant-based formulation, Waterloss supports the body’s cleansing functions, helping to eliminate accumulated toxins and metabolic waste.
  • Reduction of bloating: The action of Waterloss in promoting the drainage of excess fluids helps to reduce bloating, improving comfort and the feeling of lightness.
  • Gluten and lactose-free: Waterloss is free from gluten and lactose, making it suitable for those who follow a diet without these components and ensuring greater compatibility for a variety of users.

Recommended Use

2 capsules before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


  •  For adults only and does not replace a varied balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
  •  Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  •  Do not use it during breastfeeding, pregnancy periods without consulting the doctor.
  •  Store the product in a cool, dry place in a well sealed package out of reach for children under 3 years.
  • May contain traces of egg, soy, oat, milk.

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